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Whisper words of wisdom, let it brie...

I hope you're having a gouda day. Hoping today is as nice as can brie. Sweet dreams are made of cheese. I'm getting feta up with this. Are you? I'll stop now I promise! It's National Cheese Day in America on June 4th and you feta believe (sorry I couldn't resist) I'm jumping on that bandwagon. Any excuse to indulge in a cheese board!

Together with Marlo Organic Dairy, I've put together a little guide to serving cheese correctly, a little 'How To.... by Liz'. We've covered all the important stuff to ensure you're enjoying your cheese at it's yummiest!

'Lovingly made from the milk of cows grazing on pristine Victorian grasslands, Marlo Artisan cheeses and butters are proudly Certified Organic. The farms on which our cows graze are free of pesticides and chemicals ensuring that the milk which goes in to our cheese and butter delivers superior tasting cheeses. Marlo Artisan cheeses are hand selected and hand packed to give you a truly artisan selection.  Our skilled Victorian cheese makers use a traditional and proven recipe resulting in a range of cheeses that are soft and creamy with highly developed flavours.'

Marlo Organic Dairy

Cheese: Double Brie

Description: extra creamy thanks to the addition of real cream giving a rich buttery taste

Serve with: quince paste, honeycomb, berries and nuts

Cheese: Brie

Description: Hand made from organic cow's milk, Marlo Organic Brie is light and creamy under a rind of white mould. Smooth and creamy with a buttery flavour, this cheese leaves a mild hint of saltiness on the palate.

Serve with: quince paste, honeycomb, berries and nuts

Cheese: Camembert

Description: Marlo Organic Camembert is a soft ripened cheese made locally in Victoria.  Mild in taste, it impresses the palate with hints of mushroom and an earthy flavour. 

Serve with: crackers, bread, honey, quince paste

Cheese: Blue

Description: Mellow and sharp with a creamy and crumbly texture.

Serve with: Figs, almonds, pears, bread

Cheese: Haloumi

Description: Firm, springy with a slightly salty flavour, perfect grilling cheese

Serve with: salads, burgers

Storage & serving temperatures:

  • Storing: Whatever the sort of cheese, stash it in the vegetable drawer of the refrigerator, where the temperature is cold and stable. Use a fresh piece of plastic wrap or wax paper to rewrap cheese after each use. (like it lasts more than one!!!)

  • Serving: simply take cheeses out of the fridge at a minimum 30 minutes, closer to one hour before planned serving time to bring the cheese to room temperature.

Marble vs wood vs quartz boards:

  • Wood is the most common choice for serving cheese being reliable, easy to clean and economical. It also makes for easy cutting of hard cheeses.

  • Marble offers a beautiful and cool surface on which to store cheese and will not absorb smells as easily as wood, though it is still porous and requires care.

  • Quartz is a natural non porous material making it perfect for serving food. It not only looks elegant but it's stronger than wood & makes the perfect cutting board whether a firm or soft cheese. It won't be tainted by odours, bacteria or stains. Quartz is also easier to maintain with easy cleaning using warm soapy water. No oiling required!


  • Cheese Plane: For hard and semi-firm cheeses, such as pecorino or parmesan. Doubles as server.

  • Spade Knife: For hard cheeses

  • Spreader Knife: For soft cheese, made for putting on crackers or breads

  • Wide/Flat Knife: For semi-hard cheese and to serve after slicing

  • Fork: To serve cheese after cutting

And for something a little different with a support local vibe, I really can't go past these pieces...I have pieces from both, Keep Store and Indi Tribe Collective, and simply adore them. They're treasured bits in my cheese board collection. Entertainers Delight is a new local biz on my radar and I cannot wait to acquire some of their pieces.

What is your favourite style of cheese? What do you pair it with? Who will you be eating cheese with on June 4th?

Until next time, hugs and cheeses, Liz xxxx

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