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Whip yourself into a frenzy at The Iconic

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

Whilst shopping at The Iconic may seem like it's going against my #supportlocal and #shoplocal principles, they are actually good supporters of Australian brands which makes me happy. They also have this new(ish) nifty feature where you can filter by 'considered'. Pieces within this particular filter give back, whether its to the environment or socially. They could be made from recycled fabrics, made using renewable energy, donate a percentage to communities in need etc. 90% of what I purchase from The Iconic is from their considered range.

From today, Tuesday 21st July until 11.59pm Thursday 23rd July, The Iconic is having a 25% off Sport & Fashion Frenzy and they've asked me to share some pieces with you that are both considered and part of this sale.

I've gone for things that are a bit fun, a bit left of centre and most of all, things you will love. I hope. Feeling a little uncertain today. Not enough sleep. Anna woke up at 2am and neither of us slept much after that. Ugh. And I haven't exercised this morning because I thought I would sneak back to my bed for an extra hours sleep, unfortunately she followed me. Double ugh. I did get up and make myself a coffee and steal a little treat. These are S O O O O Y U M and you should definitely get your mitts on some. NOW!

As I was saying, here are my picks for what you should buy from The Iconic's Frenzy. They're life changing. *maybe not but hey, it sounds good!

Bet you didn't know The Iconic sold diffusers and essential oils?! Neither!! I love these oils. I have bought them several times direct from ECO. and had no idea The Iconic stocked them! Anywho, with the 25% discount, the whole kit and kaboodle comes down to $97.50. Not bad, not bad at all!! The entire ECO. range at The Iconic including other combos, different diffusers and oils all separately is on sale. So take advantage and stock up. I will be. Will probably get some more of the sleep blends as Anna just LOVES them.

The Fated is a rad Australian label 'ideal for girls in the sun, dreamers of European summers and endless balmy nights'. AKA us! They are committed to socially responsible business initiatives and have a great amount of info on their website about their practices. Both these pieces, which come down to $89.97 and $74.97 respectively, are pieces you can wear all year round which gives them big ticks. The shirt dress is perfect for chucking a skivvy and tights under with some cute boots now and with slides and a cute hat come summer. Pair of gorgeous knit and boots with the skirt whilst it's cold and a cami and sandals once it warms up. #winning

Damsel + Silk is another Australian brand with a commitment to responsible practises and using materials with a low environmental impact. Both these pieces are already HALF PRICE with a further 25% off making them $52.50 (skirt) and $48.75 (cami) bringing them to $101.25 for the both. A pretty stunning and bargain ensemble really considering they originally would have been $270 for the combo. And both these pieces can be worn separately too. Pair the skirt with the cute Dazie knit in Blue I featured in THIS post. And that cami can be paired with denim jeans, shorts or skirts for a gorgeeee casual look.

Calli the Label is a super fun Australian based brand with socially responsible business initiatives. They have great basics and rad pieces that have that little bit of extra about them! I had to include the teddy coat even though I think I'm too old to wear it, it's still awesome and I love it. Am fully obsessed with the knit which comes down to $74.97 and the mom jeans look great. If they're half as good as the ones I already have, I'm sold!

I hope you've entered the AMAZING giveaway I'm hosting on Instagram at the moment?? If not head there NOW to do so! Click here to go straight there xx

And if you find something rad at The Iconic we should all be buying, please let me know so I can share it.

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