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Vintage accounts you need to know

Now I'm all sorted for a matching tracksuit for Lockdown 3.0 or whatever version this one currently is (see this post), my attention has shifted to pretty things for the home. In particular vintage glassware and homewares, also plants and candles, although they're posts for another day. Now do not get me wrong, I have NO need for more glassware. I have plenty despite Tom and the kids smashing several. BUT, there is definitely room in my heart, if not my cupboards, for more pretty, vintagey, coloured, differently shaped glassware.

And I've found some super fabulous accounts, so if you would like to give them a little follow and purchase all the glassware so I don't, I would be much appreciative. And if you don't need any glasses, think what a rad iso gift they would make along with some pretty gin or some delish wine.

If you like the look of any of those items, click on the pic to go straight to their insta account and see if still available! If you want to see who is who, keep on scrolling xxx

With the exception of 1, these are all rad little/new bizs with either just over or less than 1k followers so I know they would love some more! I purchased a pair of glasses from Nabulani which I just love. They are a local biz so you may see them pop up again in a #supportlocal post!

Enjoy your evening, make sure you check these bizs out AND the ones I shared in my stories today. Big social distanced hugs and love to you xxxxxx

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