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Tween Skincare with Humbl

I recently came across Humbl, skincare for sensitive girls, and am so happy I did. Whilst I'm fairly set with my own skincare routine, I immediately loved the branding and messages of Humbl and how perfect it would be for our eldest babe. Ella is 11, nearing 12, and is just starting to get a few little pimples along with her attitude and less fun bits! Growing up, I had shocking skin from my mid teens to early 20's. Bad enough that my dad took me to Coles to buy concealer so I could hide them.

When your dad thinks you have lots of pimples, you realise you really must! Needless to say, I would rather get Ella started with a good skincare routine before she really needs it and be proactive rather than reactive. And whilst we are in Lockdown again, what better time to begin a routine than now?!

Skincare made for sensitive as f*ck babes,

We are proud to be 100% vegan, cruelty free and made in Australia using the highest quality Australian ingredients!

I contacted the Humbl team to check the products would be suitable for Ella and to get some handy information about tween skin. Because even though I've been a tween, it was quite a while ago and so much has changed since then. And I want to make sure what I teach her is the right thing. I didn't look after my skin well in my younger years and really wish I had. Rather than stripping away ALL moisture and oils trying to combat what I thought was oily skin, I would have been so much gentler with my skin and nourished it more. All is good and well in hindsight right?!

So, I'll hand the next bit of this over to Mandy, co-founder of Humbl Skincare...

I think this is a great idea to give insight to young girls about taking care of their skin from a young age, as I wish I had someone to teach me when I was little to prevent a lot of long term damage I did to my skin using the wrong products!

I think it's really important to help your daughter learn her skin type first thing. This will prevent her from using products that are not made for her, resulting in breakouts and irritations!

I've taken this information that is available on our blog at www.humblskincare.com

"In this day and age, I find it funny that every person knows their astrological sign, or what colour birthstone they are, but only a select number of people can properly diagnose their skin type! Our skin is the largest organ in the body. It is made for protection. We wear it every single day. Yet, only a small number of the population knows how to take care of it!

As beauty therapists, we categorise skins into 5 different skin types:

  • Dry Skin

  • Normal to Dry Skin (Combination Dry Skin)

  • Normal Skin

  • Normal to Oily Skin (Combination Oily Skin)

  • Oily Skin

To help you better understand what each of these 5 skin types actually mean, and how we as beauty therapists diagnose someone’s skin type, we use these simple tools (keep in mind this is just a general guide, and could be subject to some differences)

  • A true dry skin never/rarely has oil present on the skin. A dry skin is very prone to dry patches, or flakey skin. Pores are non-visible/less visible.

  • A Normal to Dry Skin (Combination Dry Skin) - can be prone to dryness, perhaps by the end of the day, their face starts to feel tight or dry. But for most or part of the day feels neither dry nor oily. Non-visible pores.

  • A Normal skin is neither oily, nor dry. Can sometimes be prone to either, but for the most part skin is relatively normal.

  • A Normal to oily skin (Combination Oily Skin) is a common skin type, where you may acquire an oily T-zone (nose, forehead or chin) by the end of the day, but skin stays normal for the majority of the day. Pores can be somewhat visible in the T-zone area.

  • A True Oily skin gets oily before or around midday. Pores are usually more visible and can be prone to congestion and/or acne.

It’s important to keep in mind that you cannot be both a dry skin type, and oily skin type. Generally if you find you get both Oily and dry, you are actually an Oily Dehydrated skin, Dehydration is a skin condition and you should still treat your skin as a normal- oily skin or Oily skin type.

Your skin type is the genetic make-up of your skin. Much like your fingerprint, you are born with it, it comes from your parents and it cannot be changed. However, it can be managed using the correct skincare, eating a balanced diet and exercise etc. "

Once you've diagnosed your daughter's skin type it's important to teach her to get products only formulated for her skin type. Young girls do not need a 6 step skincare routine, but cleansing, exfoliating and moisturising is the perfect place to start, especially for girls prone to breakouts.

Congestion and break outs happen when dirt, dead skin cells and oils are blocking the pore. The best way to ensure you keep the pores clean is exfoliating 1-2 times per week. To keep oil under control its also important to moisturise and hydrate the skin to keep it balanced. The skin produces more oil when it is dehydrated to compensate for lack of water. So using a hydrating moisturiser is important!

A great start for a new skincare user would be cleansing morning and night and applying moisturiser immediately after. And picking 1-2 days per week to exfoliate and stick to that routine.

In our oily range we use ingredients like White willow bark and pineapple and papaya enzymes know for the clearing and antiseptic properties but are gentle on the skin for sensitive or young skins.

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I have started Ella with the oily skin cleanser and cute marshmallow brush combo and the oily skin moisturiser. Once we have got that down pat, we will add in the exfoliant. She is pleased as punch with her cute goodies and is loving being all grown up and looking after her skin. Thanks so much Mandy for your help with this piece and I hope it helps some other tween mums broach the subject of skincare with their babes. It can be quite the sensitive topic!

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