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treat yoself, remote learning is over!

Babes. We did it! We survived remote learning. Varying degrees of success were achieved but we made it regardless. And we should all be extremely proud of ourselves and our little babes for making it through.

Before heading back to reality though, I feel like a little treat is in order. Perhaps even treatS, like more than one. After all, it's been 8 whole weeks!!!

Here are 3 things I'm loving and perhaps treat myself with. Cos you know, I deserve it ;-)

Super cute with big puffy sleeves. Wearing it with jeans & my cobalt blue pleated skirt. Possibly a couple of other skirts too. Just trying to picture the combo. Probably won't wear with my trackies though. This is a bit too fancy for them sadly.

I'm a little concerned this would be too short in the body for me, but I keep looking at it. Going back to the website again and again. It's just so cute. And I loveeee the colour. And it's not too bulky either which is always good.

Food and it's relationship to mood is something that interests me so much. I really want to get my mitts on this book and start cooking more good mood food for my faves.

Did you eat any cheese yesterday for National Cheese Day? I hope you did! Have a great Friday night my loves and again, you are amazing xxxx

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