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things you didn't know you needed for your bathroom...

Ok, these aren't really items you didn't know you needed. Towels are hardly life changing, but these actual, particular pieces are actually amazing and you'll love how happy they make you with their quality and gorgeousness. The bonus is, they are all from local Victorian bizs too!

Gem are doing a 30 day Spring Detox Challenge that looks quite good...it's not a juice cleanse type detox rest assured! It's more about eliminating toxic things from your life. I'm going to try to play along. Check it out here.

Shall we start this on Monday? Or today? Strike whilst the iron is hot so to speak!! I'm on the Sipp Instant bandwagon, an instant coffee containing probiotics, 6 organic grains and coconut, upping your coffee game! If you ever want to try it, hubs has a discount code care of his Ironman friends I can send you. Day 2 looks like a tricky one, for me anyways! Perhaps I could meet them halfway and limit my time on it tomorrow...?

Enjoy the rest of your Saturday my love. What's for dinner? Are you like me and struggling for inspiration of late? We are having salmon tonight but need to think of something different to do with it. So bored with the usual pan fried.

And don't forget, if you have kiddies who like to dance, or would like to try to like my girls, Enchanted Academy of Dance have online classes for just $3 each with a free trial one! And Sofia, the teacher, is just luvvvvverly. I've gotten the girls a 10 class pass each so they can do a couple of classes each week for the next while. They absolutely LOVED it xx

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