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things I can't wait to get my mitts on...

& a couple I have!

me running to get these rad items!

First up, Gem who make amazing natural toothpastes (remember I have a discount code for them too) have just released a mouthwash.

Made with neem, propolis and chlorophyll, our natural mouthwash is a real oral-microbiome-pleaser. Our formula is free of the harsh toxins found in regular mouthwash that nuke your mouth and detonate all bacteria - the good and the bad. Instead, we help good bacteria thrive, leaving you with a happy oral microbiome, and a happy gut biome too (probiotic tip: the mouth is the gateway to the gut).

Tonkla make the most beautiful pieces from clay and concrete. I have ordered a couple of pieces from them which I'm super excited about. Yet to decide if I'll gift them or keep them!!!!

These plates are unfortunately out of stock but hopefully *fingers crossed, they restock them. In the meantime, check out the gorgeous trinket dishes!

I've been working with Selfie Skin, an at home IPL Laser Hair Removal handset, for the past couple of weeks, and am up to week 3 of my 12 week hair removal 'journey'. With just two treatments done, I've already noticed a reduction in hair growth which is AMAZING. So so excited to see how much it improves over the next few treatments too. Ordinarily, I am able to offer you 10% off your own handset, but today until midnight....

...you can score a huge 20% with the code FLASHLIZLOVESSELFIE. Click HERE to head to their website and get your mitts on your very own and get hairfree for Summer!

Am thoroughly obsessed with the latest fash drop at Jumbled for which they have exclusive custom emeldo earrings to match! Want it all!!!

*literally this excited!

How gorgeous is the tee? And matching earrings? Just love all the colour and the happiness that shines through all the pics. So very, very good.

Navy Trader Co is a Mornington Peninsula based biz with some incredibly beautiful pieces for women, babies, kids and the home. I've already bought a couple of baby things from there (preempting the abundance of babes heading to our beloveds over the next few months) but am also in love with every single dress they have right now. They are also doing 15% off until midnight tonight, don't miss out!

How pretty is it? Perfect for warmer days heading our way. Think delicate gold bling, mixed with a couple of Slow Gertie pieces and some gorgeous espadrilles. LOVEEE.

What out of these things do you love the most? Or all of them?! Let me know xxxx

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