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I know, I know. It's very late in the day and I'm only just setting this post free. I've been knee deep in Grade 5 probability and prep for Liptember and Frocktober today. Busy busy. But these absolutely terrific bizs couldn't wait until tomorrow to be shared so here we are. Without any further ado, here they are.

  1. Trio Rouge...a Bayside biz ALL about earrings, accessories and clothes and more recently face masks

  2. That Spirited Lot...some of my fave ever coffee slinging, gin distilling, jaffle toasting people. As evidenced here.

  3. This Is Incense...scents to remind you of your favourite places in Australia made locally with Australian essential oils

  4. Third Boi...effortless style for the school pick up, coffee runs, weekends and WFH

  5. Treand winery...boutique winery and kitchen right around the corner from me with a delish Pinot Noir

  6. Treball Active...on a mission is to help you work your body & your mind

  7. Torello Farm...Peninsula Grown, Grazed & Gathered

  8. Ten Sixty One...100% real craft apple cider. Grown, cold-pressed & brewed on the Mornington Peninsula

I hope you've had a good Monday my love...and it's been lacking probability!!! Do you even remember how to do that stuff?! I'm going to need to find some sort of YouTube video to remind me how to do it. Maths doesn't normally confuse me but this has today!

I'm doing a MacGyver Style photography class via Zoom tomorrow with Samara Clifford., and I'm most excited about it. Cannot wait to improve my skills!! So I'm going to sign off now, too much excitement to try and contain for tomorrow. Plus a new alphabet post! See you then, sleep tight xxx

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