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superb locals to love

Ok, I just wrote an entire post for these superb bizs and IT'S ALL GONE!!!! Straight into thin air! Despite saying every 3 minutes it saved, it's all gone.

This is what I feel like right now, but 10 am so will wait a bit. So I'm starting again. Because I can't NOT start again and show off these amazing bizs.

Hit play and let's check them all out!

  1. Sissy Mt Eliza

  2. Siesta Home

  3. Sesame & Co - for 1 week (until 11.59pm September 4th 2020) you can save 20% storewide with the code lizloves xx

  4. Sunqu Alpaca - save 20% off full price items & get free shipping over $60 with the code AMIGOSDELIZ xx

  5. Saide Candles

  6. Slow Gertie

  7. Stix & Flora

  8. Saint Rose

These bizs are all extremely stylish and gorgeous. I love them all. What I can't believe is that I've not included ANY food and drinks!! What is going on?! I might have to include a few of these in my stories later.

Also, please make sure you head to said stories this afternoon as I have a few frock decisions to make for the upcoming Frocktober festivities. And if you're all Frocktober, what is that? The very briefly, it's a campaign by the OCRF (Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation) that seeks to raise awareness surrounding Ovarian Cancer and raise much needed funds for research into treatment and the development of an early detection test for Ovarian Cancer because there isn't one. This year will be my 6th year taking part in Frocktober and to date I've raised over $13k and would dearly love to hit $15k total this year. If you would like to be a part of this, please let me know. I still need a couple of frocks to wear throughout the month as well as goods &/or services for my big giveaway.

I hope you have a wondeful sunshiney Saturday lovers xxxx

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