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Splendorous six: pink gins

Pink gin. We're here for it/them right? Colourful. Flavoursome. Fun. Pretty much what we're all about yes? And it's edging super close to the weekend, aka gin time, so I've rounded up a few for you to choose from. No thanks needed, I'm here for you babe xxxx

a little pink 'spo to get you in the mood xx

Onto the actual fun stuff...the gins...and of course, they're all from Australian distilleries. Four of them Melbourne! #supportlocal #shoplocal

  • the 78 degrees Sunset Gin will earn me a small commission from BWS should you click through and buy it but doesn't cost you any extra xx

Thoughts on pink gins? Do you have a fave? Of these, I've only tried the Rocky Jones one. I give that a big tick. It was a little too sweet for Tom but I loved it. Drinking it with soda helped temper the little bit of sweetness it had. All in all, delish. The Turkish Delight Gin from That Spirited Lot, also seen HERE, is a brand spanking newie which sounds awfully yum!

header pic via: One Drink A Day xx

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