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Today (January 6th) is National Shortbread Day (in America) but I have nothing else on today, so shall join in the celebrations. Plus I love me a shortbread so #winning really. And it will give me something to do with the kids today. So many reasons to love shortbread day! Are you a shortbread fan? My mum used to do a Christmas shortbread...the round one in the patterned mould thingy. It was a super basic, non traditional version but I just loved it.

Since then, I've grown fond of the shortcake version which is as the name implies, less dense and bread like and more light and cake like. When paired with strawberries from local strawberry farm, Sunny Ridge, it is a super delicious and summery treat for one's self...and family/friends if they're lucky!

Strawberry Shortcake recipe links:

Traditional Shortbread recipe links:

Australian Shortbread recipe links:

Should I make one of everything? One from each category? Or just stick to the Strawberry Shortcake? The big decisions! Happy baking if you decide to whip up any shortbread...& share some pics with me please and thank you xx

header image credit: Meat and Travel.

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