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When Tuesday feels like Thursday! I have no idea what is what today ; -) I've helped pen a report on penguins...did you know they can dive 120m deep up to 200 times a day to catch fish? Talk about earning your dinner!!!! Now that the work is done, the child is playing and I'm getting stuck into my cheerleading work. And putting plans into place for Frocktober. Melbournians, have you seen the predicted weather for Thursday and Saturday? I'm SO EXCITED. Thanks to Aspendale Beauty Spa & Laser Clinic, I'm all stocked up on Sun Escape faux glow aka self tan. So I'll look the part for the warm weather, yay!! And if Aus Post ever deliver my goodies, I have heaps of rad new things to share with you as well.

Today's playlist is a real mood. Entirely not happening on either count but it's a mood and one I'm happy to be a part of!

Have you gotten things sorted for Father's Day yet? If not, check these posts;

And here are my pretty rad 'P' bizs....you'll love them!

  1. Pinky's Store...Pinky's brings together the work of our favourite Australian makers and designers in a colourful and friendly space.

  2. Parcha...delivering the BEST Turkish food (somebody stop me please) from Frankston during iso, aka keeping me extremely happy!

  3. Pollyanna...Cool, little corner boutique in Cowes, Phillip Island stocking some super rad labels

  4. Peninsula Cookie House...home to some incredible cookies and even more incredible edible cookie dough <3 <3

  5. Pizza Kits Mornington...a very rad biz pivot by the much loved Swordfish Bar in Mornington offering DIY pizza kits which take the fuss out of making pizzas at home & are totally delish

  6. Pure Zone...beautiful, premium quality sheets, towels & homewares at affordable prices designed in Melbourne

  7. Pier 10 Winery/Restaurant...a family owned boutique vineyard and restaurant in Shoreham on the Mornington Peninsula.

  8. Provincial Produce...family owned and operated home delivery service, delivery fresh produce throughout Melbourne & Geelong

Are you in love with them all like I am? They're pretty rad. And with the exception of two, I've shopped at them all and just love them. I quite recently bought Alex some new bedding from Pure Zone and could not be happier with the quality and he is so happy with it. I'll share some pics soon, just need to put the prints from Janis House Photography up on the wall so it's finished. He even has a hanging plant from Minty Greenhouse in his room which he just loves.

That's it for me today. Tomorrow we have 'quality q bizs' and a little collab post with Minty Greenhouse, Plants for Beginners...beginning your plant mum journey! Stay tuned xxxx

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