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Hello and happy Monday all! Our 15th post in the A-Z of locals featuring all the ogle worthy local bizs you will love starting with the letter O. From earrings to gelato and prints and everything in between, I've got some extremely rad bizs to share with you.

First things first, some music...

This is mine and Anna's fave at the moment. She falls asleep each night with Exile playing <3

Onto my ogle worthy locals...hit play and have a little looksee, then scroll down for all the links so you can visit them.

  1. Originals Lab...Australian icons made into earrings, prints and patterns. Bubble O Bill earrings anyone/everyone?!

  2. Olieve & Olie...natural body products made with Olive Oil on the Mornington Peninsula

  3. Odyssey Coffee Roasters...coffee reimagined right here in Melbourne 'from the grounds up'!

  4. Organic Crew...elevated loungewear that does not compromise the people or the planet & is so beautiful

  5. Ordinary People...rad clothing for good. 50% of profits to people in war-torn regions

  6. Okay Lucy...home of THE best lemon sorbet I've ever had. Scooping out of Mornington

  7. Olga de Polga...fun, colourful and bright yet caring clothing and accessories designed to be part of your wardrobe for years

  8. Ochre & Ocean...affordable, hand designed and unique modern boho prints and colouring pages

I hope you love these locals as much as I do. Have a wonderful day and week ahead. Big virtual hugs to you xxxx (take as many as you need right now)

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