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Monday obsessions

Firstly, I am weirdly (maybe not weirdly, who's to say) obsessed with this Miley/Stevie song...great for dancing around the house whilst it's raining outside. Or not raining. Hit play, turn it up and have a boogie...followed by a wee sit down.

The whole album is a bit of fun really. No judgement thank you!

Moving on...

Metallic Rainbow Reusable Shopping Bag by Baggu at emeldo...how fun would this bag make the uber boring grocery run?!

Bowie Shirt & Bowie Shorts (sold separately) from Cartelle Boutique...the summer version of the iso tracksuit & infinitely wearable for zillions of looks as a set or separates. Also available in black.

We are absolutely loving Lucifer which is on Netflix. Hilarious! We are nearly at the end of season 2 thus far. If you don't have Netflix, it's worth getting for this alone!

Mr Consistent Cocktail Mixes are great fun. Love, love, loving the margarita mix. Grab a bottle of tequila, this, some coarse salt and a few friends and you're all set for a fun evening! My fave tacos to pair with this are brisket in the slow cooker and slaw.

So there you have something to listen to, something useful, something to wear, watch and drink! And the buyable things are all from rad local bizs <3 #yay

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