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meet: barry made

Welcome to the first in a series, meet: , introducing some very rad local bizs I've found and fallen for. Local could easily be interchanged with small for these bizs but I refuse to label them as small because to the person/people behind them, they are anything but small. So to me, they will always be known as locals. A rad local biz by my definition, is one located within Australia, with values similar to mine and a strong commitment to the environment and the people who inhabit it.

Without further ado, here is the first rad local (& I'm sure you're going to love them, I know I do!)...

who is barry made?

barry made is for weekend gallivanting, which means doing all of the things we love to do on the weekend in cool casual style. We are the next generation of sisters that have shared wardrobes from a young age and decided it was time for classic casuals that are nuanced each season and made from beautiful fabrics.

Barry made is ‘designed in Australia by two sisters, for all sisters’. This phrase means that we only design what we love, and our brand is inclusive of all shapes, sizes and ages. We are the casuals in your wardrobe that you can always go to, versatile and ageless designs that will work for years to come. We are very proud to see so many different ages and body shapes wearing our clothing. Barry is made to embody the confident and laid-back woman on the go, for the next generation of sisters who love easy everyday casuals.

Barry is our family name, and this name came about as we follow our family’s footsteps in the rap trade. Our clothing is well made by our family’s same makers of over 30 years, and each barry made piece is loved from design to production. We supply unique boutiques around Australia and pride ourselves on limited production to reduce wastage and ensure only those who absolutely love our pieces get their hands on them!

Barry values family and friends, lifestyle, quality and small production. We value family time, doing fun things on the weekends, getting outside in the fresh air and looking after our health, consuming only good quality, and producing in small quantities to reduce any wastage and keep people feeling unique in our designs..

barry made is constantly striving to ensure our collections are always versatile, made from natural fabrics when possible, and ageless to suit our wide demographic of customers. We hope that barry made will be the trusted weekend wear label, one that women know they can go to for their weekends to look as good as they feel.

who is behind barry?

Charlie Barry and Maddie Barry

who wears barry?

Every Australian woman! Our clothing is for all ages, and all body types. We are so proud to offer size XS-XL and will strive to ensure our collections are always versatile, made from natural fabrics when possible, and ageless to suit our wide demographic of customers. Barry made is the cool substitute to active-wear if you feel like looking a little unique – Its comfortable, loose relaxed fits, everyday colours and effortless shapes that won’t just last a season or two – they’re pieces for now and the future, beautiful classics with a twist.

what type of gallivanting does barry enjoy best?

Visiting the local café for a coffee and toastie, popping past the florist for a bunch of happy flowers, shopping with your local boutique, picnicking in the park, seeing a new movie… the list goes on! However, at this time we are spending so much time around home so finding joy wearing barry made and doing the little things to keep busy.

is barry a coffee or tea drinker? And fave drink?

Definitely a coffee drinker! Strong coffees for us, and not just one cup a day!

what is barry’s fave piece from current drop?

We think the Melvin jacket encapsulates what barry made is about. Loose and relaxed fit, made from soft Cotton Drill and in such an easy colour to wear, it’s a classic shape that we will all still love for years to come.

what can we expect from barry for summer?

Vibrant colours in fun and edgy prints, utility detailing and structured Cotton Ripstop is the fabric of this season – We love the softness of Cotton Ripstop but also structure that it holds which is a perfect combination for utility inspired designs. We also love styling in multiple ways so many of our Summer designs can be worn multiple ways.

website: https://www.barrymade.com/

instagram: /barrymade_studio

facebook: /barry-made

and my faves...

Thank you ladies for introducing us to barry made. I love absolutely everything this gorgeous label and cannot wait to get some in my wardrobe to gallivant in once we are allowed out to gallivant again!

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