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locals that are totally radical

...& you'll love! I've covered things for you, things for the home, coffee, wine and importantly, American BBQ...and they're all between Red Hill and Melbourne!

First things first, today's playlist;

turn it up so you can't hear the kids whinging about finishing off their schoolwork or the fact they need YET ANOTHER BLOODY SNACK!!! Are you spending quadruple on food during Lockdown? Maybe not quite quadruple, but more? It feels like snack bitch duty has become my full time role and I just move from breakfast to morning snack #1, morning snack #2 then lunch, afternoon snacks 1 & 2, then dinner and after dinner snacks. ENOUGH! STOP EATING KIDS! To be fair, the big two have grown significantly over the past few months (upwards) so they probably are hungrier than during non growth periods but WOW!

That whinge over. I put together my liz loves style page last night so you can head there to see my weekly four fave style things for self and home as well as all related blog posts. And I'm beyond excited to have some frocks lined up for Frocktober already thanks to the utterly amazing

I'm so excited for Frocktober this year. It's giving me something totally fun to focus on right now. And I can't wait to raise awareness of Ovarian Cancer and funds for the OCRF.

Today's locals (like all the others) are totally radical, awesome and fantabulous. Check them out...

  1. Roving Refills Frankston...use your old containers and have them refilled with environmentally friendly cleaning & body products

  2. Rocky Jones...gin crafted on the Mornington Peninsula with wine as it's base & comes in pink as well as signature & French Oak

  3. R2 Designs...a haven of homewares and fashion based in Aspendale and online.

  4. The Rag Trader...gorgeous clothes, shoes & accessories based out of Mornington and online

  5. Rosso Coffee...Melbourne specialty coffee roaster & Espresso Bar Melbourne CBD #coffeewithcharacter

  6. Red Hill Estate...an icon of the Mornington Peninsula since 1989 and home to one of my fave Pinot Noirs

  7. Red Gum BBQ...Australia’s largest craft beer and BBQ joint in Red Hill, Mornington Peninsula & also B Corp certified!

  8. Room Trader & Co...Australian Homewares Concept Showroom + Online Retailer of unique + beautiful artisanal wares for you & your home in Seaford

Have you come across any of them before? Room Trader & Co is the only one new to me. The others are all total faves and I'm sure Room Trader & Co will be one as well very soon.

Only one more sleep until Friday and the weekend...our school doesn't have any set tasks on Fridays so we basically have a 3 day weekend each week which is simply marvellous,..I'm not entirely sure how I'll go back to a regular two day weekend once they're back at school! xxx

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