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#LizLoves...the bag edit

Even though we can't go anywhere right now, I'm not any less obsessed with these bags. In all honesty, I'm not really a bag carrier...I tend to just take my phone and shove my keys in my pocket when I go anywhere. But these bags will obviously convert me into a taker of stuff wherever I go!!

These are all from local bizs, naturally, and plenty of them come in other colourways if the colour I've picked isn't for you. None of them are 'occasion' bags either so you would get plenty of use out of any of them I think. I know I would!

How pretty are they all?! Which one do you love the mostest? For me, them ALL! Ha ha ha! I'm so indecisive and hate picking favourites. I feel like they would each have a role to play in my life. The bigger tote bags would be awesome for work when I actually leave the house for work. The scrunchy/slouchy bags are perfect for heading out with friends and lovers and the smaller cross body ones are amazing every day bags as they are the perfect size for all the essentials. So yeah, they're all totally necessary I think!

And you know I wouldn't recommend something to you I wouldn't use/wear myself right!

Big hugs, hope your day didn't start as mine did...with two bowls of cereal all over the floor. UGH, kids!!!!!! xxxxx

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