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Let's shop MELBOURNE #supportlocal

Melbourne and Victorian bizs need us more than ever right now. They need us to make conscious purchasing decisions. I'm throwing down a mission for you all to accept.

Mission: Swap ONE purchase this week that you would normally go to a chain/big biz store for & choose a locally owned biz instead.

Can I have a show of hands who is willing to accept this mission?

I'm so happy your hands are up and you're on board to help. Victorian bizs need our help. They need our dollars too but there are so many ways you can help without spending money. Engage with posts on social media, tag friends who might be interested in the biz, share the business on your socials, leave them a review if you've bought from them before. Send them a message of support. And if you can afford to spend, please do. These businesses will return your support tenfold once things are 'back to normal'. They are the ones who will donate to fundraisers, who sponsor sporting clubs and events and who support families within the community.

So without further ado, here are my first lot of rad Vic bizs. All of whom are utterly amazing.

  • Boobs 4 Change: newly launched rad "boobie" pots, $10 from each purchase is donated to your choice of 3 female oriented charities

  • emeldo: home of 90% of my extensive earring collection. You will never NOT receive an earring compliment when wearing emeldo!

  • Milla Rose: stunning preserved & dried flowers made to last for years

  • Rocky Jones Gin: remember that pink gin I shared here? That is from here. As is their delish Rocky Jones OG.

  • Lunar & Kite: stockists of "the" outfit top of my wishlist right now! ie.the one in the vid above!

  • Parcha: the most amazing Turkish restaurant. Has the most amazing lamb HSP I've ever eaten and as for the Turkish pizza...YUM.

  • Minty Greenhouse: raddest new place to buy plants and plant related goodies. LOVE!

  • Good Day Club: rad events and merch for rad people. The most funnest account. Head to their Insta for BIN-GATE. I promise tears of laughter!

I have bought from all these bizs over the years and will continue to do so for many more so I recommend each and every one of them. They are all so very brilliant and deserving of support. As are so many more bizs I will continue to share with you.

My heart aches for every single biz who has been affected by COVID. It is just heartbreaking that they've been hit again by lockdowns. I'm not into blaming or fingerpointing, I just want to support and get through this and help as many people as I can get through this too. So if you know of a biz that could do with some shout-outs, please let me know.

In the meantime, check out these most awesome bizs. Show them some love. They will love you for it xxxxx

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