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Leopard Shirt Love

Are you a leopard print lover? And a shirt lover? Well, have I got something for you...3 leopard shirts, one to suit whatever your budget is. And of course, they're all from rad local businesses!

The options...

  1. Panthera Slouch Shirt by Thrills at Boho Republic $99.99 (if you subscribe, you can get a 25% off code on your first purchase...ie. THIS!!!) perfect oversizedness & short sleeves for the win.

  2. Linen Shirt by Hook+Eye $199...it's linen, it matches the hat I have from there. Case closed!

  3. Camille animal print button up by Style Me Over $69.95 (subscribe & save 10%) a slightly dressier shirt with gorgeous rolled sleeves & a super relaxed fit

All 3 would have a place in my wardrobe as they all vary somewhat but 3 leopard shirts may be a tad excessive, so which one is your fave? So hard to decide, especially as they are all from rad local bizs who I want to support. Halp me!

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