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Joyous local bizs #shoplocal

Goodness me, it's Monday again. Lockdown doesn't take away Mondays for some reason. They still seem slightly painful!! But given it's Monday, it's also J day. J for jovial, joyous, jolly and joyful!

J was actually a bit of a tricky letter. The first one! Or maybe just all the J bizs are in other states?! Those I've found to share are utterly amazing though and I know you'll love them just as I do.

  • Frankston institution, Jac n Jean, is 50 stylish years strong. Love them!

  • Jade & May is a new fave, you may have met them in this post...

  • Janis House Photography is an absolute superstar, shooting product, weddings, everything (including a Frocktober event for me!)

  • Jak Organics, premium, eco and essential lifestyle products

  • Jetty Road Brewery, one of my fave local bizs who works with so many other local bizs

  • Jessica Rose Photography, is an amazing Mornington Peninsula based wedding photographer

  • Jej & Boc, ethically made clothing with the most vibrant of prints

  • Jess Sanders, a most incredible author. Just love her.

Before I sign off, two things;

  1. check out my new liz loves exercising page. You can see all my fave things as well as follow me & remind me to get off my butt when I haven't logged any activities for a day or 2!!!

  2. turn your volume right up & have a little dance to this. LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

Now, I'm heading out into the sun for a stroll and to hide from the kids for a bit!! Tom is home, don't worry ; -) and he also is a huge fan of the shorts trackie set I shared yesterday, YAY! That's Father's Day sorted!!

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