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happenin' local bizs

It's Thursday, I think. Hmmm. And I have some totally happenin' bizs to share with you! The past two days I've not done actual posts, I will come back when I have the time to do them properly but I was working on putting all the bizs on a single page so you can access them all far more easily. Have a little looksee... A-Z locals listing.

Yep. I'm pretty pleased with myself!

Anyways, onto today's rad bizs. Press play to have a look and visit them via the links below xxxx

  1. Hello Kit Co. rad party kits & bits

  2. Heal.Thy Wholefoods online wholefoods delivered to your door

  3. H.A.N.D. Scented Hand Sanitiser (H.A.N.D Have a Nice Day)

  4. Hook & Eye, Australian made label with a 70s vibe for the modern woman

  5. Hello Hemi, super fun acrylic & bamboo earrings

  6. Harvest Lane, fun, fresh & full of colour

  7. Hanami Cosmetics, COSMETICS WITH A CONSCIENCE™, Certified Vegan & Cruelty Free

  8. Holevida, Encouraging positive change through small steps

I've linked their web pages for you, but pop over to Insta too. Their handles are all easily found as they're exactly the same as their biz names and show them some love. Get double tapping and commenting. Even if you don't want to purchase from them right now, your engagement with them (that's the double taps and comments) will help get them seen by more people who might be on the lookout for what they're selling! Plus, you can keep them in mind for next time you're on the lookout for party goods, earrings, nail polish etc etc.

Also, please send me through some dinner suggestions. Am getting very bored of my own ideas! Currently trying to play Masterchef Mystery Box with the random things in my fridge. And I'm not inspired! And another question, do you watch Masterchef from other countries? If so, which do you recommend? xx

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