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Get all matchy matchy with hubs or your bestie

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

Ever wanted to wear a matching tracksuit with one of your faves? And get 25% off?! Like you're saying no right now! I know I'm not saying no, and you can better hubby won't be either. He recently bought a tracksuit set and I don't think there has been a day he hasn't sported at least one, if not both, of the pieces so having another will be quite pleasant. And the fact we can match will be all sorts of iso-fun!

So are you ready to see what I've found for you to wear?! To start, I've headed to the 25% frenzy section (obviously), then narrowed things down by selecting the considered options (also obviously) and then chosen the category of LOUNGEWEAR. Because people, what else is there to do right now except lounge?! In between supervising the kiddies doing their schooling, dealing with anxiety induced meltdowns from said babes, trying to work from home, staying in touch with friends, keeping the house running somewhat smoothly that is? We should at least be able to be super comfy and cosy whilst getting all this done though right? Ergo, the loungewear...

Ok, so this is the range, sweater, hoodie and joggers. They come in various colours but the pink is the only colour across all 3 pieces. The other colour combos are:

  • off white in sweater and joggers

  • dusty blue in hoodie and joggers

  • olive in hoodie and sweater but not joggers

I'm thinking the dusty pink set for me and the dusty blue for Tom because neither of us can wear white without making a mess and if we get different colours we can do swapsies!

Are you game enough to go matchy matchy with your partner? Would they be up for it? Thankfully Tom will wear anything if it's a tracksuit and matching so I feel these pieces have been made with us in mind. Show of hands if we should go for it????

I've partnered with The Iconic for this post as part of our ongoing relationship & if you purchase something via a link in this blog post, I will earn a small commission that costs you no extra but adds to my gin fund :-) #THEICONICPartner

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