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fun things to help you in lockdown xx

Where have I been? I've been AWOL here haven't I? Well, basketball was allowed to start back so I was suddenly back at my workplace pulling super long hours to get everything back on track and then running programs, only to have the rug pulled out from beneath us yet again. So I'm back working a regular number of hours from home which is great as I have time for Life, Loves and Liz again! YAY! And I have a few things I wanted to share with you today to help with Lockdown 2.0

The past two weeks, I've used a lot of content that isn't mine over on Instagram. I reached out to some rad bizs asking if I could use their content in exchange for a shoutout as I was so time poor. So I've been able to share lots of lovely bizs and will continue to really cheerlead those businesses who need it most right now. If you are one of those bizs that could do with a big Life, Loves and Liz shoutout, do not hesitate to email me or DM me or send out a bat signal. I WANT TO HELP YOU!!!

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Fave things ahead...

Ok. First up. If you aren't getting your groceries delivered, you should be! Upsides, you can avoid the crowds (read germs), avoid getting dressed, avoid having to drag the kids out with you, avoid paying for parking (fellow Bayside shoppers, you will know what I mean!) and you can shop at any time of the day that works for you. I do recommend writing a list first rather than hitting the specials section and getting sucked into buying 20 boxes of shapes just because they're half price. They will be half price again in another few weeks! Anywho, Woolworths have a rad offer for online shoppers, for $119 (mid week delivery) or $169 (any day delivery) you can experience the convenience and value of unlimited deliveries. And whilst you might freak out at those figures at first, don't! They are year long so just $2.29 per week or $3.25 per week respectively. If, like me, you tend to shop twice a week because you NEVER remember everything the first time, those figures halve again and become cheaper than parking at Bayside! Plus you can sign up for a free 30 day trial to see if you like the service and if you don't you can cancel before being charged. Win/win I say! I'm a home delivery convert. It really does ease the pressure and anxiety of grocery shopping for me right now. Find out more here.

Now, I know we all learnt from Lockdown 1.0 that we need to do some sort of exercise to prevent an iso blowout (although I will say my blowout occurred post iso when I was allowed out to eat again!), so it's not that we need an oversized knit, we just enjoy something slightly oversized and snuggly during the colder months don't we? And if it's a bright colour, it's even more fun! I know most of us (based upon a recent Insta poll) prefer neutral colours, but I'm here to sway you all to come to the bright side. Whilst bright colours can be confronting, they are so fun and can brighten your mood no end.

Without Me Crew Neck Jumper by Dazie at The Iconic $69.99 save 30% until July 13th which brings it down to $48.99!

One of my other fave things, as you may have gathered by now, is gin. Especially local gin. There are a number of distilleries within Victoria, some of them very local to me. Remember the post I did for World Gin Day in collaboration with That Spirited Lot? They are super local, like 10 minutes from my house and after popping in there for a coffee the other day, I can tell you they have some super rad gin varietals on their way! Another fave local gin is the Rocky Jones Gin.

You can also pick this tasty number up from Ritchies IGA Liquor Towerhill, BWS (who also do delivery for a small fee) and Dan Murphys! Rocky Jones is a Mornington Peninsula based distillery with a roster of 3 gins (I may have tried this Signature one and the Pink one already!).

My earring collection is vast and if I had to guesstimate, 75% of it has come from the super awesome Emeldo. I just love Em and her biz. And her biz smarts. She is on my moodboard of inspirational women. Emeldo has evolved over the years and I genuinely love each and every update. Em has been a huge supporter of both my Frocktober campaigns and Life, Loves and Liz over the years and I couldn't be more grateful. I just received a box of new ear bling, some purchased, some gifted which I can't wait to show over the weekend. #staytuned If you haven't watched the TikTok with her cat Bambi , you are missing out! Watch it now!

If you have not visited Emeldo before and are an earring lover, then please head there now. Do not keep reading, just head straight there. Here is the clickable link again! And let me know what you buy xx *because it's extremely hard to not buy anything!!

Boring stuff that is necessary for me to say...

Before signing off, I do want to state a few things. As a blogger, I do get sent things by bizs at times which I then post about sometimes. In the past, these things have always had the hashtag #gifted or #kindlygifted attached to them. Moving forward, I will take that a step further. I will use the hashtag #prproduct or #prreview as I have been sent them for a purpose; to post about or review. A gift is something without any expectations attached, like what you get for your birthday. If I am paid $$ to post about something, I will use the hashtag #ad (this never happens I will add!). Many items I include in blog posts have affiliate links attached to them so I earn a small commission if you click through and then purchase something. At the bottom of each post I will clearly state X and Y are affiliate links. These products do not cost you any more to purchase, they just earn me a couple of dollars I can put towards my next bottle of gin!

That all said, the majority of the time, my posts about bizs and products are 'just because' type posts. They are just because I love the product and biz and believe in them and want to share them with you and give them a little pump up. I do not tell bizs I am doing this, I just do it. I am not a big blogger/influencer, I'm more your micro type so I don't make any sort of living out of what I do. It does however fill my glass and make me really happy. And sometimes I score super lovely things for myself or to give away to you all.

I hope this all makes sense? Any questions, do not hesitate to ask. I want to be transparent in all I do so you know I'm not sharing a product or biz just because I'm being paid to. THIS WILL NEVER HAPPEN. I will never accept gifts or payments from bizs I don't wholly believe in and who don't fit with my personal and biz ethos.

That is all very boring I know, but has to be said. So this affiliate links included in this post belong to Woolworths, The Iconic & BWS. All other links are non income generating & soley because I can!

I hope you all have a wonderful Friday and weekend xxxx

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