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Friday Fast Five...incense holders

Did you used to buy incense when you were in your teens and maybe early twenties? Until recently, that would have been the last time I bought some. And it's fair to say, I'm getting into incense again. Especially with all the gorgeous holders around the marketplace.

This is the incense that has kickstarted my love of incense all over again. A local biz, based out of Torquay, their range evokes memories of iconic Australian destinations, from their og range of Margaret River, Byron Bay and Bells Beach to their new range of Tasmania, Yamba and Noosa.

Incense Holders...

  1. Natural Ceramic Incense Holder by Ikigai Home at Jade & May (made in Geelong)

  2. Incense Holder with gold lustre detail by Kim Wallace Ceramics (made in Noose)

  3. Incense Holder/Bowl in travertine at Behr & Co

  4. Hold & Release Incense Vessel by Kura Studio (made in WA)

  5. Marshmallow Incense Holder by Rhiannon Gill Ceramics (made in Wollongong)

Which one is your fave? xx

header image from This Is Incense

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