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Friday fast five...Flinders Shed

Flinders Shed is a most gorgeous biz, located in...you guessed it, Flinders Victoria. They donated the most beautiful frock to my 2020 Frocktober campaign;

And are huge supporters of the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation (OCRF) in their own right, today's email including this altogether amazing snippet;

How freaking amazing and generous is that donation?! After such amazing generosity, I thought I would devote today's Friday fast five post to Flinders Shed and my five fave pieces that have recently landed instore.

  1. Star Tank by Hammill & Co $59.95 (also comes in a tee with a pink star) #cute

  2. Deep Sea Mesh Dress by Rich & Royal $339 #stunning

  3. Je t'aime leo Jacket by Rich & Royal $389 #obsessed

  4. Le Citron tee by Alessandra $90 #fun

  5. Alex Knit Shorts in Mustard (& a whole host of other colours, all with matching knit tees) by The Lullaby Club $92 #needthese

What are you waiting for? Head immediately to Flinders Shed, in real life or online and shop with the most beautiful ladies ever (and their gorgeous dogs!). xxx

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