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five things...I want/need

Ok, they're definitely wants. Not needs. But I do loveeeee them so greatly that they are verging on needs. And really, they're all from local bizs (naturally) so I'm supporting the local economy! #win/win

Yesterday on insta, I added up the number of local bizs that were in my pic. There were EIGHT! For someone (ie.me) who's sole purpose is to promote local bizs, I was pretty rapt I had managed to get 8 in one innocuous photo. And even more happily, they were all bizs owned by women! So good!!!

From top to bottom:

hat: Hook + Eye

earrings: Emeldo

necklaces: Rhodin Collection & Slow Gertie

jumper: Good Day Club

frock: Albert & Daphne

wine: Georgie Orbach Wines

plant: Minty Greenhouse

How wonderful is it to have this many AMAZING bizs local to us? As I mentioned all 8 are local (Australian), seven of them from Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula! I love this so much. Life, Loves and Liz is a place devoted entirely to local (Australian) bizs. It is extremely rare to see me work with a non local brand. If ever I do, it's because they are doing awesome things for the planet & people.

I might not have brands and bizs knocking down my front door in order to work with me (I assume that's because of COVID though ;-) bahahahaha!) but I am picky in who I say yes to when offered collaborations. I'll never work with a brand that doesn't sit right with me, that doesn't have similar values and ethics to mine and value what they give back to the planet and people as much as they value sales. Yes I stalk brands who reach out to me before responding. And I've learnt to say thanks but no thanks to those who don't make me feel good.

So know that I will only ever share with you brands I would and do buy from myself. I'm never going to ask you to consider handing over your hard earnt to a biz I don't believe worthy of you.

Back to my wants (because, my wants are important right?!) because I have a feeling they could quite possibly be your wants also!

Olga Joan, low impact apparel and found goods based in Byron. Her latest drop features these gorgeous hand dyed sepia separates made from hemp blends. How perfectly Byron and who doesn't want a slice of that right now?!

Juan & Me Boutique in Richmond NSW is filled with a mix of Australian and International designers plus their own in house label. I'm in love with their Juan & Me range of slogan tees and sweaters, including my fave Love Isn't Cancelled which you've seen numerous times. This Take Courage tee is their latest drop and so perfect for life right now.

She is Jolie ethically and lovingly handpour candles that pay homage to the female (and male) form. This is the latest range, the goddess range, is inspired by Venus, the Roman goddess of love, beauty, prosperity, fertility and victory. Get one or get the whole squad!

This Mia Cord Jacket and Shorts set, sold as separates, is filling me with all the happy feels right now, especially after coming across these Billabong sandals which would match perfectly! From Kith & Kin who have so so many amazing pieces right now, these really border on a Spring/Summer need for me. And if I don't buy them for me, I'll probably buy them for Ella for her birthday ;-)

It would be Happy Daze indeed with this glorious Kate Eliza skateboard adorning my wall. It is the last piece left from her amazing latest collection and once gone will not be repeated...although watching her Insta stories and posts, it looks like there may be more boards coming which fills me with glee. I would love one in each of the kids rooms.

Are you loving and needing all these glorious goodies like I am? With a slew of birthdays, babies and Christmas on the horizon, I'm starting to think and shop for all that I'll need. And if you like, I will share lots of the beautiful things with you? Despite COVID being the hardest of times, it fills me with such happiness to see so many new bizs launching...defying the odds and getting off to simply glorious starts. I have a quite a few I'll be sharing over the coming weeks plus some collabs which are super fun. And hopefully Dan gives us the go ahead to have playdates soon so I can share more goodies with you xxxx have a wonderful weekend, mwah!

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