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five faves... yoga mats

Halp! My $5 yoga mat is starting to lose little chunks here and there. To be fair, it's cost per use is probably somewhere down around 1c now so it's had a good and hectic life but it's now at the point I'm only wearing some of my workout gear on it as I'm scared it's going to rub off on lighter coloured things and wreck them. And I don't think it's far off getting actual holes in it. Given it's a highly used piece of fitness equipment, which it wasn't for the first year of it's life hence buying the cheapest option available, I'm now at the point where I'm willing to spend a little extra on something better quality and maybe prettier! Cos I'm shallow like that ; -)

YOGi Active who are a rad local biz by the way, (see here) have a rad mat that comes with a strap and will match most of my active wear (that is important). Plus, #shoplocal #supportlocal

This looks like it comes with a matching strap when you look at the pics, but if it doesn't I loveeee these ones from The Iconic too.

This one matches my Cotton On bike shorts and is extra thick (6mm) giving me a little bit of extra cushioning for my weary old knees so I'm kind of sold but also slightly concerned it would be too cushy...but 6mm isn't that thick is it? hmm. Cotton On are catering to all budgets and have this mat for $29.99 and this mat for $14.98.

The mat strap is sold separately here and comes in a few different colours. Not that us Melbourians are taking our mats anywhere right now ; -)

Good Times Pilates generally reside in Fitzroy, but are currently operating online and offering your first seven days free to try their good times out! I'm obsessed with all their merch including their socks and tee.

Now to make a decision! Don't be afraid to chime in with your choice or alternatives please. I had to make so many decisions the other day customising my Phylli Designs hat that I think I've run out of decisions for a wee bit.

***not me

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