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five fab sandals at The Iconic

Snack sized post for you on this first day of 2021! Five rad pairs of sandals I'm loving muchly at The Iconic. Help me choose which ones I need the mostest...obviously they would all be much loved in my life but five pairs might be a tad excessive I feel.

  1. Parker Sandals by Dazie $59.99...they also come in a cream which I think I prefer but they're out of stock in my size. Should I wait for/hope they come back in?

  2. Shauni Sandals by Endless $69.99...these come in a few colour variations including a pink gingham which are super cute but these zebra ones are my faves...I think!

  3. Storm Sandals by Dazie $59.99...also in black and cream but loving the camel the most...& the woven'ness (yeah I know it's not a word!) of these

  4. Jayden Sandals by Dazie $59.99...I love the cream but the Black Croc is also quite fab. Decisions, decisions!

  5. Peyton Thongs by Dazie $59.99...available in black and white as well but I really like this tan.

These are in no particular order of favouritism...I think I would wear each of them equal amounts but which ones do you like the most?

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