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LoCou Haircare


Zero Waste – Loves Your Hair, Kind to the Earth 🌎

Australian Made 🇦🇺

Cruelty-Free 🌿

Refillable 💲

Sustainable 💚

(& it might be a sneaky six rather than fast five....so much info and advice to share!)

LoCou Haircare, born and bred on the Mornington Peninsula, is a new addition to our bathroom and the whole fam is love, love, loving the range. From the Peppermint Shampoo through the hair mask, thanks to Mel and LoCou, we all have some super healthy locks right now...even if we can't show them off!

I hit Mel, the founder, up with some hard hitting hair care questions...

double cleanse...why do I need to/should I do this?

Double cleansing is one way to get fresh from the salon feels at home. In the salon we always do 2 shampoos; the 1st shampoo is a cleansing specific shampoo to remove oils, product build up etc, then the second shampoo targets our needs (moisture, toning, volume list goes on). Double cleansing is a must do in your hair care routine as the first shampoo gets the cleaning process happening and the hair canvas ready for the next step. The results of a good double cleanse are a clean, healthy scalp and hair, the added bonus being your blow-wave will last longer.

In the LoCou range of shampoos are; Peppermint, Cleanse, Moisture, Strength, Volume, Kids 2 in 1 and dog! All of these have refills too!

identifying your hair type

Being able to identify your own hair type is crucial, at the end of the day you know your hair and body better than anyone. From there, it’s a matter of finding the right products that suit your hair type. I believe no one product range will work for everyone and you will need create your own custom combo.

For example if you have oily roots and dry ends you need a good cleansing or peppermint shampoo (peppermint is our best seller) to remove oil and create a weightless finish, then moisture for the mid-lengths and ends making sure your apply the products to the right part of your hair to treat each problem, ie.shampoo your roots and condition you mid-lengths/ends. Using good quality products along with a good hair routine, as we spoke about above (introducing the double cleansing process), cutting back from daily shampooing and finding the routine your hair loves will result in much happier and healthier hair. We are always a DM away for personalised recommendations and information!

let’s talk hair masks...do I really need to do this? Why? How often?

Hair masks are filled with all the goodness your hair needs to repair itself from eternal factors such as pollution, minerals, mechanical (dryers, straighteners etc) damage and lastly colour. Did you know every lightening service you have changes the bonds inside your hair by 22% and a permanent tint alters them by 10%? When you think about many times we use a heat tool on our hair or how many times we colour our hair, the least we can do is show it some love and nourish it. So its big YES from me to treat your hair a minimum of once a week.

best comb & hair brush types/brands?

Tangle teasers I love them, easy to use and soft on the hair, just quietly we may be having some made, shhhhhhh! #staytuned

silicones in hair products, why we need to avoid

Silicone is a dirty word to a colourist. Basically, it artificially coats the outside of the hair cuticle. From an everyday point of view, it builds up on your hair and will leave it heavy, oily and never really feeling clean. If you rock a colour in your hair be it a gloss, base colour, balayage or foils silicone build up on the hair shaft make it near on impossible for a colourist to do their best job. Colours sit on the outside of the silicone coated cuticle and will be cosmetic and wash off. Blondes can take a really long time to come down, sometimes even causing a chemical reaction, the list goes on. Please check ingredients of your hair products and avoid silicones!

what is your best styling tip?

Putting in your desired hair products and drying your hair off by 60% before you start blow-waving, will save you so much time. When heat styling, always allow your hair to cool completely from your blow wave before you use heat tools. If you've ever wondered why your hair goes flat post styling, something to consider is when your hair is hot (say dropped from your brush or styler) it hasn’t set. Your hair sets when it’s cold. If your hair is still hot from styling and hanging flat chances are it will drop, thus using rollers or clips to set volume and curls is the BOMB!


So babe, are you double cleansing already or will you be starting next wash? I've been doing it for a month now and have noticed a big difference. I only wash my hair twice a week and instead of the last day being quite gross, it's now entirely bearable going 3-4 days between washes. And that's exercising every day too! I've been super lucky to try out a few of the different products and swear by the peppermint shampoo (it's especially awesome for tween hair that is starting to get a bit oily at the roots) followed by the moisture shampoo and conditioner duo.

If you would like to give LoCou a whirl, and you totally should, you can find them:

Postage is free when you buy 3 or more products too!

I hope you give this rad local haircare brand a go. I'm so happy with my goodies. Some of them have been gifted and some I've purchased myself because of happiness! Thanks Mel for answering these questions xxx

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