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Fast Five Friday...limited edition gins

In my recent poll on the good old 'gram, I discovered that a whopping 70% of you lovelies are fellow gin drinkers. YAY! That basically gives me free reign to share all things gin and get ginny with you :-) Whoop whoop and welcome to my...

It's a non-exclusive club filled with anyone who loves gin. Ie. ALL OF US! So welcome. You'll receive your membership card in the post soon.

Anyways. I thought with so many fun limited edition gins on the market right now, I'd be neglectful and not a great gin gang president if I didn't share them with you. Of course, being gin lovers you may have seen them already. If you have, apologies for bringing nothing new to the table...although they may serve as a reminder to hit purchase on that cart that's sitting in your browser waiting to go. And if you do have any others to share with the gang, please send them through so I can add them.

  1. So you'll have to head to Arbory Afloat in Melbs to get your Four Pillars Beach House Gin drink on, but that's not a real hardship is it?! 'It's packed full of summery flavours — lemon myrtle, grapefruit, orange, lemon peel, plums, strawberry gum and pineapple sage.' And looks as pretty as a picture doesn't it?

  2. Pacific Moonshine by Brookies Gin out of Cape Byron Distillery is 'tropical and salty like your first post-surf sip, this limited-edition spirit is a true lovechild born out of a Pandemic.' And with just 1000 bottles made (1 of which is at my house), you'll have to be QUICK!

  3. Archie Rose x Sydney Opera House Outside & Inside Gins are inspired by, you guessed it, the iconic Sydney Opera House. The Outside Gin is a juniper forward gin accented with lemon-scented gum, South Australian yuzu, finger limes, white grapefruit, locally foraged seablite and native seaweed. The Inside Gin is a fruit-driven gin displays a bright positive summery character and presents a cast of botanicals including native thyme, Australian apricot, raspberry and strawberry gum. Sold together or separately.

  4. The Pinot soaked Vintage on the Ninch Gin is a collaboration between That Spirited Lot and Chirping Bird Wines. 'Created during the Pandemic of 2020, this original spirit blends our beloved Ninch Dry Gin with crushed Pinot Noir juice from Chirping Bird’s 2020 vintage and is then further enhanced by maceration on grape skins and aged in an Pinot Noir French Oak barrel. With only a limited number of bottles produced from a single vintage, this unique pot distilled Gin features our signature notes of juniper & pink grapefruit combined with a sweet & soft Pinot Noir.'

  5. Macadamia Gin by Applewood Distillery has paired macadamia, an iconic Australian ingredient, with vanilla, wattleseed and cardamom for a uniquely nutty and savoury style of dry gin.

Which one are you going to try first?

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