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facial oils & serums...why you should be using them

Let me start with a question; how is your skin coping lately? Is it like mine? Dehydrated...dry...little bit dull? All this staying inside with the heater on and getting blasted with cold winds when venturing outdoors is not giving me a glow. It's giving me somewhat sad looking skin. Happily, it's entirely fixable with the help of some moisture adding oils and serums xx

Confession; for the longest time I thoughts serums and oils were pretty much interchangeable and did the same thing. However, it turns out they are not one and the same and they do different things AND need to be used differently. Who'd have thought?! Traditionally serums are water-based meaning their molecule size is much smaller than oil and can be absorbed quicker and deeper into the dermis layer of your skin, making them extremely effective. The benefit of serums is that they can work for all skin types. Whereas an oils molecular structure is larger than that of serum meaning it reaches the epidermis (outer layers) of your skin. But despite their inability to penetrate as deep as a serum, face oils mimic our natural sebum production, making them ideal in protecting the skin’s barrier. Oils help to provide intense hydration which is a fundamental part in keeping your skin looking smooth, plump and healthy. Are we all over that?!

In a nutshell;

  • Serums - water based, super effective at targeting a problem, are applied under moisturiser

  • Oils - oil based, offer intense hydration, apply after or instead of moisturiser

Facial Oils.

I am a long time obsessee of facial oils. No matter the type, I slather them on willy nilly without any real knowledge of either the oil nor usage. I use them to cleanse, I use them to hydrate. I probably do not use them properly though! With this in mind, I asked Cathy, the product trainer from Andalou Naturals a few questions about oils...

What type of oil should I use?

The type of oil depends on your skin and your specific skin concerns. In general, all oils are beneficial for all skin types as they are a good source of fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamins which help promote skin health, soothe, soften and hydrate skin. By using a blended oil, you could target your skin’s varying needs.

Tell me about your Andalou Naturals CannaCell Beauty Oil...

All-round goodness is the CannaCell Beauty Oil! A botanical oil with Hemp stem cell, hemp seed oil, Vitamin C and an assortment of nourishing oils which all work together to restore the skin health and radiance.

Why should we all use oils and not be afraid of them?

The benefit of using an oil is that they have long term benefits; keeping skin's vital hydration locked in, helping balance skin and it's inbuilt skin-smoothing properties make them a great booster to supplement your skincare routine.

Facial Serums.

I hit up the lovely Kim from Babe Australia to share her thoughts about iso skin and how we can use her gorgeous serum to help counteract the effects.

'When we transition through the seasons our skin can take a beating so it makes sense your audience is experience skin-flux! Heaters, cold air temps, stress and change to nutritional habits can all impact the way our skin chooses to show up each day! First and foremost keeping our body hydrated is going to help so try to stick to that 3Lt water consumption by putting your water bottle at your home desk. Using our hydrating serum before bed and in the morning underneath daily moisturiser can be a great way to add some plump and vitality back to skin and is especially handy for maturing skin as the more hydration we can give our skin the healthier it looks. Our serum has beautiful antioxidants which help improve skin tone and sea algae to help with plumping. I also highly recommend our blue gum face mask at this time of the year – this is a green clay mask and is packed with nourishing oils so the mask not only cleans skin to relieve break-outs and excess oils, but also hydrates beautifully putting moisture back into skin rather than stripping it like many other clay masks.'

Hands up if you're quickly adding a serum and face oil into your skincare routine? Or are they already part of it? If you have any great oil or serum recommendations, be sure to share them with the group! And if you buy any of these, let us know how you go with them. I hope you become as obsessed with oils as I am...I honestly believe they are the greatest thing since sliced bread. Even if you have oily skin they are the best. I wish I had known all those years ago when my skin was hormonal and oily that stripping all the moisture away wasn't the answer. I'll definitely be letting Ella and Anna know their skin still needs lots of moisture even if it feels the opposite would be better.

Handy tip: apply a good layer of face oil before heading out for a walk when it's super cold and/or windy. I find it helps protect my skin from getting too dried out from the weather.

Some of the products within this I have tried and absolutely loved, some I have on my wishlist to try. Many of them have links to give you a discount so will take you to the site rather than straight to the product. Most importantly though, they are all from brands I love and support, local biz cheerleading always!

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