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Dishing the dirt on soap dishes...

I've always loved soap bars. As a child/teen, they were always the things I would buy when I went to markets with mum. They look good, smell good, have a purpose and are a relatively inexpensive treat for either one's self or a loved one. And whilst they are enjoying a resurgance in popularity due to the increasing number of people looking to go plastic free, there was quite some time when they really weren't that cool. The plastic pump pack had that title. And for many a reason, including the neatness of it. Soap bars can be a bit of a messy operation especially when small persons are involved.

But I'm here to tell you, soap bars are back. And in my opinion, better than ever. And even more importantly, there are many a stunning soap dish to rest them in these days. I've even found some for you. *no thanks needed. Happy to help ;-) First things first, here are some super rad soaps you should consider to adorn your soap dish...

These are all from local bizs...3 Melbourne based and 1 Sydney. All these bizs have values aligned with mine (sustainable, ethical, vegan) and I would happily buy and use products from them all.

So, you have your gorgeous soap. What are you going to put it on?? Not all sinks have that dinky little bit to rest your soap on...and even if yours does, how bloody annoying is it when it slides off into the sink all the time??? So the only answer is to have a stylish af soap dish. And of course, I've found several for you that all fit the bill. Of course, you could be boring and head to Kmart and nab one for a few dollars. Buuuuuutttttttt, if you would like to find something a wee bit fancier, from a rad local biz, then keep reading lover, keep reading. I've found some good ones!

Which one will you be getting soapy with?

I'm thoroughly obsessed with everything from Keep Store, a local Mornington Peninsula biz. Emma has the bestest resin goodies from cheese knives to platters and soap dishes and I just really want one of everything! #greedybish Anyways, I'm thinking I'll get that one, but need to decide between the fun terrazzo or the classic black. Help a lass out please! Of course, they are all stunners and best of all, they all come from....you guessed it. Australian bizs! Because support local lovers xxxx and use soap!

Header credit: Moon to Moon.

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