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delish bizs #supportlocal #shoplocal

These bizs are delish in every way, tasty and gorgeous! And so deserving of a bit of love right now.

I apologise in advance for the super brief post today, I've a whopper of a headache due to Anna waking me up EVERY SINGLE NIGHT for the past 10 days. Ugh!!! I've got a great group of bizs to share today, they cover off all the essentials, from cocktails and gin to food and dietary help thanks to Dietitian Edition, this help balances out the first 3 bizs! Some clothes, sleepwear, gifts for the home and gorgeous self care products. What else could you need for the weekend ahead? Except all these things on your doorstep right now!!!!

So please, have a scroll, click through to check them out and show them some love xxx

Don't forget, if you head over to Instagram, I'll be sharing them all in stories so you can get the direct link to their socials there and then for a deeper squiz.

Have the bestest weekend, and please, #shoplocal and #supportlocal xxxx

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