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Crazy cool biz's #shoplocal #supportlocal

Today's cool, clever, cute and caring bizs all start with the letter C! And they would totally appreciate some love from you. All the local bizs need all our love. And we have plenty to give right?! Double taps, comments & shares cost nothing but a little finger work :-)

Onto today's totally rad bizs...& if you hop on over to my Insta stories, I'll be sharing why I loves them.

Creek & Bay

You'll note I've included a fair amount of food and drink this time round. Kind of fits my mood right now!! And gorgeous smelling things and then somewhere to buy great pieces to wear whilst you eat and drink and burn your candles and apply your oils! It's an all encompassing array of bizs really. You are most welcome xxxx

See you tomorrow for delish biz's starting with D. In the meantime, refresh your memory of letters A and B here and here.

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