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considered pieces to get you through the winter/spring changeover!

My rad friends at The Iconic are doing a nifty little 40% off their exclusive brands sale right now. If you are in need of a few pieces to see you through the crazy weather of winter changing into spring, ie.transition pieces or your iso trackies have seen better days, here are my top picks xxxx

Quite the tonal palette I have got going on there! In all honesty, there weren't many brights within their edit to choose from and the colours actually work really well with existing brights within your wardrobe or brights you may be looking at elsewhere. These are really good base pieces that you can dress up or down and for warmer or cooler weather. The puffer is the only piece not really suitable for warmer weather but it is perfect to throw on once the sun goes down.

The other rad thing about these pieces are they are pretty timeless, so you will get plenty of wear out of each of them. I promise you will! And if you need any ideas on how you could wear them in different ways, just ask me. I would love to give you some ideas!!!!


This post is part of a series of posts working with The Iconic. All links are affiliate links meaning I will earn a small commission if you click through and buy something. This doesn't cost you any extra. #THEICONICpartner

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