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#choosetochallenge... with Tammy

We can all choose to seek out and celebrate women's achievements.

part 4 of #choosetochallenge a series celebrating women of Melbourne doing amazing things....

The who, what & where of Tammy...

I’m a cookie and dessert baker and creator, I’m also a Mum, a lover, and a friend. I do all of this out of Tyabb on the stunning Mornington Peninsula.

I love seeing women support women. I adore seeing confident women, it’s pretty damn epic! I hope I continue to debunk the myth that it’s all about competition in business, I’d much prefer to collaborate with the other amazing bakers on the Peninsula than be in competition with them. There is plenty of business for everyone.

My besties are the most influential women in my life. Their courage inspires me, the freedom to be my true self in their company is the most rewarding thing on this planet. Love you Miss Kate, Rhonda, Megs and GAA. If I could drop the ‘wo’ from ‘women’ – then my little brother and my dad would be in my favourites list too.

Outside of work, I love being with my beautiful girls, getting outdoors, walks, hikes, exploring rural towns, sandstone ruins, Miner’s Cottages, historic homesteads and photographing some of my friends’ crazy adventures.

Who are your 3 fave people to follow on socials?

  • You of course.. you’re a pretty cool cat (I didn't even have to pay her to say that!)

  • @rupikaur_- thought evoking

  • @clairhillcoaching_

  • 100’s of Cookie decorators and stylists.. so much amazing talent out there

Fave drink & place to enjoy it?

Tom Collins – The Farm Eatery (Maggie Beer – The Barossa Valley)

Fave local shop?

Tully’s Produce (Mt Eliza) – I’m all about food and socialising

An institution of the Mornington area...from produce to tonics/juices and blooms, it has everything you need!

Tammy's guide to eating & drinking locally...

Tammy is a total gem. Not only does she make the yummiest cookies and cookie dough but she has a gorgeous, gorgeous soul and is always there for others in so many ways. She constantly collaborates and promotes other local biz women which is beautiful to see and creates such a strong community in our area.

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