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#choosetochallenge... with Sarah

We can all choose to seek out and celebrate women's achievements.

part 1 of #choosetochallenge a series celebrating women of Melbourne doing amazing things....

Hi!! My name's Sarah. I run a business called Hunter Markets, based in Mentone Melbourne! I sell pre-loved clothing on consignment for social media influencers. I also hold a market event every month, at our HQ which is a thrift shoppers dream, filled to the brim with the best secondhand finds in Melbourne, I also run a coffee window out of our HQ .

I hope to encourage people to choose to shop secondhand first and to ditch fast fashion retailers. Especially young women :) and to be more conscious about where they buy their clothes. Also to just create a fun safe vibe inside our market, where you can wear what ever you want, dress how ever you want.

You can invite 4 influential women (dead or alive) to drinks...who are they?

Sophia Amoruso, Kylie Jenner, Billie Elish, Liza Koshy.

Outside of work? Oh I'm a real domestic bitch outside of work and I'm not mad about it, the kitchen is actually my happy place, I was going to either be a chef or work in fashion. I love tidying, organising, watering my plants, reading, walking my dog. Am I sad? LOL

**do like Sarah does...

I like to only follow humour accounts on social media for my mental health, so here’s my fave daily does of smiles @bretmanrock @theinspiredunemployed @thelukecook
I'm a coffee addict, so my fave place to eat or drink would probably be a long black or a soy latte somewhere in the sun, or on the beach.

When it comes to local shopping haunts, you'll find me at Sciclunas Real Food Merchants in Mentone (also in Sorrento & Glen Iris) or the salvos in Mentone. Lol! I'm always in there!

  • Favourite fish and chips of all time at Tommy Ruff in Mordialloc

  • Favourite breakfast and coffee in Bayside Merrymen in Hampton

  • Favourite Bagels in Bayside, Huff Mentone

I met Sarah through Tom and triathlon and despite the healthy age difference we get along really well. She has such a bubbly and vivacious personality and is guaranteed to make you laugh and leave any catch up with a smile on your face so really, why would you not want to be friends with her?! Although Sarah is 'quite a bit' younger than me, no need for exact numbers (!!), she is someone I regularly look to for inspiration and a dose of fun and positivity. Our girls both love and look up to her. and honestly, what a great role model for them. I can only hope Ella and Anna have goals as big as this lady does. Thank you gorgeous woman for kicking off this series with your enthusiasm for all you do and your yummy places to eat.

And just quietly, SO MANY BARGAINS on Hunter Markets online store right now. Head there immediately!

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