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#choosetochallenge... with Rebecca

We can all choose to seek out and celebrate women's achievements.

part 7 of #choosetochallenge a series celebrating women of Melbourne doing amazing things....

So Rebecca, what is it you do? I own Emmeline the label and I am also a mum to 3 young boys! I grew up in Bayside Melbourne.

Your why?

I love making women feel confident through their clothes.

You can invite 4 influential women (dead or alive) to drinks...who are they?

  • Zoe Foster Blake ... think she is such a positive role model.

  • The Queen ( currently watching the Crown)

  • Anine Bing another hugely successful business woman.

  • Oprah

Fave thing to do outside of being amazing in your biz?

I love Pilates ! Also pre-kids I loved reading but now I listen to podcasts more!

3 fave people to follow on socials? For her positive mindset I love listening to Georgie Stevenson... her podcasts are so motivating! Also Jessie Williams is another one whom I love following for my mental health... she is such a positive person! For their lifestyle & Fashion I love following Rozalia Russian, Suzy Eskander , Kate Waterhouse, Pip Edwards !

Fave drink & place to enjoy it? A glass of Red on the Balcony & my Dads house in Dromana.

Have you tried Chirping Bird Pinot Bec??

Fave local place to shop? I love the brand mix at Bahamonde in Elwood. Lindy On the Concourse in Beaumaris and Pollen in Mt Eliza always have a stunning array of pieces! Love Scanlon & Theodore & Husk in Church St for a splurge!

Fave local eatery? Bang Bang in Mordialloc for dinner locally ...Mr Miyagi & Chin Chin if travelling further! Bang Bang is a definite fave for anyone Bayside Melbourne!!

I just love Emmeline the labels range of gorgeous knit pieces. They are so so comfortable, fit really well and feel amazing on. Can't wait to add a knit or two to the wardrobe from the latest drop. Just trying to decide whether I go neutral or colour (the big questions!). Thanks Rebecca for bringing this beautiful label to us, it's perfection xx

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