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#choosetochallenge... with Maree

We can all choose to seek out and celebrate women's achievements.

part 3 of #choosetochallenge a series celebrating women of Melbourne doing amazing things....

I am Maree Bilandzic, I am an ovarian cancer researcher based in Melbourne. I run a team of researchers looking for better treatment options for women with ovarian cancer.

If I can achieve any form of change whatsoever I would be chuffed. There really are limited effective treatment options for women with ovarian cancer. The survival rates sit at 30 % and have not changed for decades. Women deserve better and they deserve the chance to receive treatments that will work.

You can invite 4 influential women (dead or alive) to drinks...who are they?

Tough one!

  • The scientist in me would love to meet Rosalind Franklin - the woman who was responsible for figuring out the structure of DNA who had her data stolen by males who took the credit for the discovery! She actually died of likely ovarian cancer

  • Jane Austin- ok you got me I am an Austin tragic I really would love to know how she intended on ending sanditon her unfinished novel!

  • Brittany Spears I want to know if Brittany is ok

  • And Cleopatra - we are going through and Egyptian phase at home and are captivated by this time and traditions. I want to know what it was like for a woman ruler during those times.

Fave thing to do outside of being amazing at work?

I have got to say I love projects around the house, my husband and I think we are on a renovation show so are constantly changing things around the house and outside. I love plants and propagating plants and spending time with my kids

3 fave people to follow on socials?

I love a meme!

Yes all trash (actually, all FUNNY!!!)

You're drinking what & where?

Hula hula, Hvar Croatia. With the sun going down and a Virgin mojito in my hand bliiiissss

Fave local place to shop?

Aldi 😂 Tbh the local shops are limited in my area I do lots of small business shopping online. (who doesn't love a good Aldi shop?!)

Fave local eatery?

Anything Japanese for me but we often visit sushi express in Belgrave where the kids can watch Puffing Billy.

I've had the absolute honour and pleasure of meeting and chatting with Maree on several occasions through Frocktober and OCRF events. She is an total superstar, committed 110% to helping save women's lives with her research into Ovarian Cancer. I cannot speak highly enough of Maree and the work she does and the passion she has for her work. And I know that she will achieve her goals.

The header pic is from one of the first times I met Maree at an OCRF function and she spoke so passionately about her work that it brought me to tears.

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