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#choosetochallenge... with Gen

We can all choose to seek out and celebrate women's achievements.

part 5 of #choosetochallenge a series celebrating women of Melbourne doing amazing things....

The who, what & where...

I’m Gen from Frankie Gusti, I make bloody delicious candles from our studio in the Yarra Valley. (I will testify to their deliciousness)

Gen's why...

I mean candles are a pretty luxurious and indulgent item BUT at our core, the brand (as an all women team) hopes to empower mums in particular to renter the workforce, chase dreams, and achieve goals.

You can invite 4 influential women (dead or alive) to drinks...who are they?

  • Princess Dianna

  • Turia Pitt

  • Beyoncé

  • Malala Yousafzai

Outside of work you'll find Gen at...

The beach with my babies. The ocean feels like home. And plant shopping 😂 🌿

Fave people to follow on socials?

Fave drink & place to enjoy it? G+T - somewhere warm (I won't pretend we haven't shared pics of gin with each other before!) Fave local place to shop? I’m not much of a shopper BUT I’d go with anywhere that has plants 😂🙈🌿

Gen, I'll meet you at Minty Greenhouse! Fave locals for eating & drinking? Omg this list could be massive BUT all around the studio we have so many options! Locavore Round Bird Can’t Fly Hutch + Co are a few of my local faves, and Rice Paper Scissors is my forever fave.

One of the first candles I clearly remember buying was Gen's OG 'The Daily Grind' from a local store. I fell in love with that scent and Frankie Gusti then and there. Gen is a gorgeous soul and I love her candles, the generosity she shows in so many ways, her love of a good G&T and the promotion of other women, especially artists. Absolutely hanging for her new range to drop!

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