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cabernet day local style

It may be INTERNATIONAL Cabernet Day but we will be celebrating it here in true Life, Loves and liz style...LOCALLY!

Vinomofo have penned a rad article giving a brief bio on Cabernet as well as a round up of the top 6 snacks to eat whilst sipping on your glass of Cab Sauv...read here. **one of them is chocolate, YAY!

If you need some fancy glasses to drink from, check out this post. Or if you are after the 'correct' glass, ie one made for this style of vino, House have this set of pretties on spesh...

Now for the star of the show, the vino! And some gorge accessories to wine with <3

Some other yummo Cabernets from Victoria include:

Enjoy International Cabernet Day my love and if you have a fave I should know about, please let me know xxxx

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