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Bio DoUgh; a review

We were lucky enough to receive a sweet smelling delivery from Bio DoUgh last week and Anna in particular has never been busier! #winning She is absolutely LOVING Bio DoUgh and I'm enjoying the pleasant scents AND her doing something that is not screen and isn't annoying anyone else!! Ella, despite being all grown up at 11.5yrs of age has also been sighted more than once joining in playing with Anna which is super cute to see.

What is Bio DoUgh?

A safe, stimulating dough for kids to play with. It is a fabulous medium for sensory play and offers children the opportunity to develop their fine motor skills, improve pre-writing skills, boost their creativity and imagination, develop hand-eye coordination, increase their curiosity and knowledge whilst having a calming effect. How could you go past it?!

Who is behind Bio DoUgh?

Rana and her whole family! An Interior Architect by trade, Rana set about creating something that gave her pleasure and comfort whilst abiding by the architectural principles of being sound, beautiful and having purpose. Rana and her husband are the chief producers of Bio DoUgh, their daughter is the head of socials and media and their 3 sons are their cheerleading and PR committee! A true family affair. Their goal is to supply Bio DoUgh to all the children's hospitals and centres within Australia.

Where can I get Bio DoUgh?

Bio DoUgh can be found online at www.biodough.com.au and offers FREE shipping within Australia for all orders over $70!

Why should I buy Bio DoUgh?

  • Natural and Safe

  • Soft and Fun

  • 100% Australian Made and Owned

  • Gorgeous Scents 

  • Rehydratable - YES!

  • Bright and Colourful

  • Food Grade Ingredients

Would you like some Bio DoUgh?

I have FIVE packs of the Rainbow in a Bag worth $29.95 to giveaway!! WOOHOO!! All you need to do is head to my Instagram , follow me (like you don't...!!) and Bio DoUgh and tag a friend on my pic of the watermelon Bio DoUgh the girls made. Tag as many friends as you like. New comment for each tag though please. Easy peasey! Entries close Sunday 24th May at 5pm with winners notified by 7pm. Extra entries if you share pic in your stories (tag me so I can see).

Thank you Rana and Bio DoUgh team. We love our Bio DoUgh and think it's just amazing. We love love love that it's from a local family business and is made right here in Australia. We love the scents, the colours and the texture. Thank you for making such a rad dough xxx

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