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3 things in 3 minutes: CHECKED COATS

Checked coats are having a real minute in my inbox right now. It started with this epic one from Glassons;

I'm so in love with the colours of this one which are completely different to most checked coats I've come across. It's bold, it looks deliciously warm (lining isn't mentioned though the description says it's a heavy weight wool blend which makes me think it would be warm) and would look great on me *I hope ;-) Thoughts???

Then came this fab one from the ever reliable Cotton On. They always pull a great coat or 3 out every season and make me wish I hung out in the freezing cold a lot more so I had reason to buy more coats!

Aptly named THE COAT and also available in a black check, this one looks like a bit of a winner especially for the price tag. I don't think it's lined so it might not be the warmest, but it does have pockets, although you need to unpick them so that's a win!

And only minutes after the Cotton On email came one from Sportsgirl featuring their take on the checked coat. so very obviously they are "in" this winter and you and I will need one, but which one? Onto the Sportsgirl one first before we choose;

I'm not sure how I feel about the white background of this check. I mean I have similar jeans and a white knit so I know I could wear it with them, but I just don't feel it has the versatility for me the others do. Like the others, it's unlined but it's 40% wool so should be warm enough. I'm just not sold. What do you think?

Now none of these come from small, local businesses which leaves me feeling a bit awks given I'm a cheerleader for these sorts of bizs but they are the 3 that landed in my inbox the other night and gave me the idea for the first topic for 3 things in 3 minutes.

If you only have 3 minutes and that's what hooked you to read this post, I'll bid you a fond farewell now....BYEEEEEEEE! Come back and visit me soon xxxx

If you have a further couple of minutes, here are a few more options from local bizs that I've hunted down;

The Gorman Puffer also comes in a trench which is just gorgeous too. And the plaid puffer on the end is on major sale having just 1 size left, a 14 so if that's you grab it now! (before I do!!). The Valentina Coat from You Rock Style is lined so super great value there and is a gorgeous classic check so will stay in your 'drobe for years.

Please tag me if any others pop up so I can share them/add them to my list! xxx

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