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3 things I've bought this month...& am loving!

I was about to type, 'happy Wednesday', but it's Thursday. I have NO IDEA what day or time it is any more. I not upset about it really, I just forget when things are supposed to happen ; -) The kids have finished school for the term, YAY! No cutting laps of the house, making sure they're doing what they're supposed to be doing...they all sit in different rooms now instead of together which was easy. By the time you finish yelling at one kid for being on Bloxburg or whatever the feck it is, the other two have snuck back on or are watching bloody YouTube life hacks. I mean Anna, you are 7. I'm not sure what life hacks you are needing. I fulfill your every need right now. I hope all this time watching though serves you well for the future.

Where was I? Oh that's right, it's Thursday, the kids have finished school and I have THREE rad things to share with you. These are things I've paid for with my own cash, I have no affiliation with these bizs, other than I am very happy with my purchases.

First up, I felt this was an extremely worthwhile investment and will be lending to my sis in law who started out her plant parent life with a FIDDLE LEAF! Talk about leaping in at the deep end!!!

I bought 'How to raise a plant and make it love you back' (similar to a parenting book but for plants!) from Booked, a new Melbourne based book delivery service. You get the book and a couple of little treats (I received a scrunchie and a small block of chocolate) in a cute box. Makes a great gift, either for self or a fave. There are heaps of different books available, not just this plant one.

buy again likelihood: 8/10...if a title popped up that really grabbed my interest I definitely would, otherwise I'll definitely buy as a gift for someone

Awesome frame shapes and arms will win my heart every time and these Life Less Common sunnies were obviously no exception. I am OBSESSED with these. OBSESSED. Also Melbs based, Life Less Common make sunnies to make you feel good (as well as protecting your peepers) and do they ever! These ones, the Atomic Black are my summer vibe/mood/feels. I loveeee them so much and am oft seen wearing them around the house.

buy again likelihood: 11/10. Like I said, obsessed. Customer service by the gorge Megs was above & beyond. You can do virtual try ons, you can return for free if they don't suit you after all and Megs follows up to make sure you're 100% in love with them

Ok, this hat was/is a bit polarising. Tom thinks I look like an extra from Jumanji. Me? I couldn't be happier with myself (taking a page out of Anna's playbook). I absolutely love this hat from Hook & Eye, a local Mornington Peninsula biz. Let me list the ways I love thee; it's reversible (two hats for the price of one), it's amazing sun protection, it's supporting a local biz, the fabric is just gorgeous (when we can touch again, I'll let you feel it), it is highly reminiscent of my youth and makes me feel like a kid again, and the big one, it brings me JOY. Like bucket loads of joy. I was unaware a hat could do this but there you go.

buy again likelihood: would buy this again eleventy times over. I've had it maybe a week (?) and have worn it five times already and given we live at the beach over summer, it has a high chance of being the most worn item in my wardrobe by the end of summer.

These are but a few of my favourite things that have landed on my doorstep...totally mysteriously, no idea who bought them for me (ok, I have an idea....ME!). As always, check these rad bizs out. They're amazing. My arms are literally so sore right now, no more typing for me. Need to save my energies for rescuing that wine stuck in a bottle tonight. I'm really going crazy today. I think it's all the exercise. I don't know. Anywho, if you've made it this far, I thank you. Big love xxxxxx

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